Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services

Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities Services provides a variety of assistance programs to adults and young adults. Consumers receive individualized treatment based on an initial assessment and participant-specific goals.

In addition, the Kentucky Department for Behavioral Health has a host of information on services available to those with an intellectual or Developmental Disability. You can reach the site by clicking this link:

Crisis Services Day Training Program Consumer Operated Services Housing Supports Case Management Medicaid Waiver Programs

Respite Care

Respite Care can be provided to consumers who reside in their own homes and are unable to independently administer self-care. Respite Care is short-term and provided in the absence of or need for relief of an individual providing care to a participant.

Crisis Services

For those with an Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

The Crisis Prevention and Intervention Program provides short-term supports and services to adults and children diagnosed with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities.

Residential Services

Residential Services are offered in a homelike setting. Staff provides guidance and supervision. Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Residential Program offers staffed residences, group homes or adult foster care providers.

Day Training

Day Training is structured to foster the acquisition of skills, build positive social behavior and interpersonal skills, and foster greater independence and choice. Day Training activities are person-centered and geared to prepare a consumer for transition from school to adult responsibilities, community integration and the workplace. Day Training also may include retirement activities that support a person in hobbies, clubs or other senior-related activities in the community. They often times focus on maintaining skills and functioning to prevent or slow regression.

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Housing Supports

Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers four different unique housing supports. Learn about your options of Fuller Apartments, Willow Group Home, Riverwood Group Home and The Christopher House at the link below.

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Developmental Disability Case Management

Case Management is the first step in determining the services that are right for a consumer. Each consumer will be assessed and a individualized, person-centered plan will be developed. The Plan of Care will take into account consumer goals and the steps needed to reach those goals. Each plan will promote choice, community experiences, employment and personal satisfaction.

Case Management provides the collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for individuals diagnosed with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. Case Management includes screening, assessment/risk management, development of a person centered plan of care, referrals to key services providers for specialized services and/or adaptive equipment, implementing service arrangements, and monitoring of services to provide quality cost effective outcomes.

The Case Manager provides individualized service delivery based on a comprehensive assessment that is used to develop the service plan. The plan is developed with the individual and their support team and reflects their choices and preferences. The goal is to empower the individual and ensure they are involved in every aspect of the planning and service delivery.

Medicaid Waiver Programs

In many cases, financial assistance from the Commonwealth of Kentucky is available to those diagnosed with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability, those who have a Serious Mental Illness and others.

The Michelle P Waiver:

The Michelle P Waiver Program is a home- and community-based waiver program of the Kentucky Medicaid program developed as an alternative to institutional care for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The waiver allows individuals to remain in their homes with services and supports. More information can be found at

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Additional Assistance:

The Commonwealth of Kentucky also has online information regarding financial assistance and benefits. The “Benefind” site allows Kentucky’s families to easily access public assistance benefits and information through an online application and account. The goal of Kentucky’s public assistance programs is to build strong families and obtain services such as food, cash and medical assistance to become self-sufficient. You can reach the Benefind site by clicking this link:

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