Crisis Services for those with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability

The Crisis Prevention and Intervention Program provides short-term supports and services to adults and children diagnosed with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities. We offer…

  • Individualized Care and Planning
  • Mobile Crisis Response
  • Triage and Safety Planning
  • Technical Assistance to Help Reach Available Resources
  • Debriefing 
  • Respite Care
  • Functional Assessments
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Prevention Services
  • Behavioral Support

24 hours a day , 365 days a year

Emergency crisis intervention line at 800.592.3980.

Adult Crisis Stabilization

Children’s Crisis Stabilization

Four Rivers Behavioral Health operates an eight bed Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit as part of the organization’s Mayfield, KY, campus. Crisis Stabilization is an integral part of Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s overall commitment to providing behavioral health services to the community.

The Crisis Center is for voluntary admissions and provides a safe environment that is less restrictive than other alternatives.

The Center aids in returning consumers to a stable level of functioning within the community. Clients treated at the Center are assessed upon admission where individual treatment goals and potential length of stay are determined.

Clients receiving crisis care are generally in a mental state that posses a risk to themselves or others. Most clients are assessed over a 72 hour period and a determination is made whether further treatment is recommended. Clients are usually referred to regular counseling where more in-depth treatment can begin.

Children’s Crisis Stabilization provides short-term care for children in crisis that need more than outpatient treatment, but do not require hospitalization. These services facilitate appropriate interventions to assist in the resolution of the immediate crisis thus allowing the child to return to a more stable level of functioning.

Access to crisis services is available 24/7 through a face to face assessment. During business hours clinical staff, as well as outside entities, make referrals; after hours this face to face assessment is obtained through the on-call system.

Children’s Crisis Services consist of admission to the Children’s Partial Hospitalization Program for an extensive evaluation over a three (3) day period. This evaluation includes; a clinical evaluation, a psychiatric evaluation including medication needs, observation in a therapeutic milieu environment and an assessment of service coordination needs with referral to the Children’s Case Management Program if appropriate.

Two levels of care are available and are determined by the nature of the crisis. Most of the children and youth referred require the three (3) day evaluation only and are able to remain in their current living arrangement. A few of those referred are unable to remain in their current environment. To meet their need, contracts are maintained with local Private Child Care entities to provide an overnight component during the evaluation period.

Emergency Services

In addition to the Adult Unit, Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers comprehensive emergency services such as the Crisis Intervention Team, the 24 hour Suicide Prevention Life Line, and more. Specific emergency services include clinicians who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This allows for emergency assessments at area hospitals, jails and juvenile detention centers.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health is a member of the Western Kentucky Community Crisis Response Team and the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Team. These groups work with public health centers, Kentucky Homeland Security and local emergency operations centers to provide relief services relating to behavioral health concerns.

Community Support

The Center for Community Support and the emergency services provided by Four Rivers Behavioral Health may be one of the first contact points for someone in an emotional or behavioral crisis. Initial contact is frequently made through the Crisis Information Line, or a crisis intervention setting in a hospital or in conjunction with law enforcement. The Crisis Center, along with the availability of our Children’s Partial Hospitalization Program and referrals to less intense treatment options allow for multiple entry points to help and recovery. We strive to be available in times of stress and offer hope to those navigating through mental illness onset, substance abuse problems or Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities.

Disaster Emergency Preparedness

This program provides for on-going review and assessment of the disaster and emergency preparedness of Four Rivers Behavioral Health in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, such as tornados, earthquakes, or terrorist attacks. The program works to coordinate the behavioral response of Four Rivers Behavioral Health with the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board (KCCRB), state, regional, and local first responders and emergency management in the initial phases of the disaster, as well as, in the recovery phase.