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Press Release – Marshall County High School Tragedy

Immediately following a tragedy like the one at Marshall County High School, the attention is on taking care of the physical needs of those injured. Following that, however, is the need to address the emotional impact of such a trauma. This is not only true for those directly involved in the incident but also true for those in the community. A tragedy such as this affects everyone, especially in smaller, close-knit communities like Benton and Marshall County.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Crisis Intervention Team will be in Marshall County all day and for as long as is needed. Our team will be working closely with school officials, medical personnel and law enforcement over the coming days to ensure that those directly affected by yesterday’s events receive the care they need. Clinicians are ready to see those needing help at 1531 US 641 in Benton. This location has been set up by Marshall County High School and includes Four Rivers Behavioral Health clinicians as well as those from the faith-based community.

Terry Hudspeth, CEO of Four Rivers Behavioral Health said, “It is tragedies like this that we train for and know what to do – but are still shocked when it happens. Obviously, this is something you can never truly be ready for. That being said, I am so proud of our Crisis Intervention Team. This group of dedicated clinicians were there almost immediately and continue to be involved to help students and the community as a whole deal with their pain.”

Four Rivers Behavioral Health is a private, not-for-profit agency that for more than 50 years has provided comprehensive mental health, substance abuse and developmental/intellectual disability services to clients in Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, McCracken, and Marshall Counties.

For more information about crisis services, contact Four Rivers Behavioral Health at 270.442.7121 or visit the company’s website at Further, Four Rivers Behavioral Health maintains a 24-hour crisis line at 800.592.3980. In addition to our crisis intervention teams, we offer outpatient therapy for both youth and adults. Specifically, we have a team of clinicians specially trained to address crisis and trauma in youth, including the only Board Certified Child Psychiatrist in the region.