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Category Archives: Youth Treatment

Mental Health, Substance Use, Children and the Holidays

The holidays are a perfect time for parents to address alarming behaviors they may have [...]

Seize The Awkward

The Seize the Awkward campaign from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,, in partnership with [...]

Options for those in a substance abuse crisis and for their families

When there is a substance abuse crisis, individuals and their families are overwhelmed and often [...]

Children’s Mental Health and Trauma

“Children are resilient.” “Kids bounce back.” “They’re young, they won’t really remember.”  In many ways, [...]

KET’s You Are Not Alone – A Six-Part Series on Youth Mental Health

You Are Not Alone is a new six-part series from KET featuring people on the [...]

Do you know how to respond to youth with mental health concerns?

Do you know what to say to a young person in trouble? Across the country, [...]

Cyberbullying and Substance Abuse

According to the Megan Meier Foundation—a foundation created by Tina Meier after her 13-year-old daughter, Megan, [...]

Parent Guidelines for 
Helping Youth after the Incidents at Marshall County High School

The recent events at Marshall County High School have been an extremely frightening experience, and [...]

Psychological Impact of the Recent Shooting

The combination of life-threatening traumatic personal experiences, loss of loved ones, disruption of routines and [...]

Recognizing the Signs of Anxiety from Trauma

For many, choosing to seek help is tough and for others, especially children, parents may [...]

Press Release – Marshall County High School Tragedy

Immediately following a tragedy like the one at Marshall County High School, the attention is [...]

Coping After a School Shooting

A school shooting is a terrible and traumatic event for parents, students, and the community [...]

Shatter the Myths

Every January the National Institute for Drug Abuse has a week that they hope will [...]

The Zone, Opening Soon

Everyone goes through thing’s in life that are hard to deal with. Sometimes you just [...]

99 Ways to Cope with Stress

There will be days that just suck. There will be some days that nothing works [...]

I Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty

Well, I won’t back down No, I won’t back down You can stand me up [...]

The Zone – Coming Soon to Paducah

TAYLRD (Transition Age Youth Launching Realized Dreams) is a new way to REACH OUT to [...]

Do you need a creative outlet?

Tom Petty, the musician, died last week. He was my friend and therapist since I [...]

The story of how Casey’s Law was born

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] The story of how Casey’s Law was born. “My son died of a [...]