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Former CenterPoint Client Arranges for Grant

PADUCAH,KY: Thanks to a former client, CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men has received a generous grant from HB Fuller Company.

Three years ago, Josh Randles was, to put it simply, an alcoholic. After several DUI charges, Randles decided enough was enough and applied for admittance to CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men. With more than a six month waiting list, Randles was relentless – calling twice a day, every day, until CenterPoint’s Executive Director Thelma Hunter decided that he was so committed to getting his life on track, he deserved that chance. So a few weeks after he applied, Randles was moved to the top of the waiting list and accepted as a client.

Hunter said, “He would not stop calling! He was so determined and so ready to get his life moving. I knew we needed to get him in our doors and I knew once we did, he would absolutely flourish.”

“I had no choice. I had hit bottom. If I didn’t get help I was pretty sure I would die.” Said Randles of his efforts to get accepted.

He continued, “I didn’t know if bugging them to death would help, but I decided it couldn’t hurt. I just wanted it so badly.”

Fast-forward six months. Randles completed CenterPoint’s program of recovery and set out to work on his next life goal. He knew he could not go back to the service industry where drugs and alcohol are a workplace way of life.  With some sound advice and help from counselors at CenterPoint, he landed a job just two miles from CenterPoint at HB Fuller.

Fast-forward six more months. Randles is just as committed to work as he is to his recovery and that commitment does not go unnoticed by his supervisors at HB Fuller. He was soon promoted and then, promoted again.

Randles said, “CenterPoint basically gave me my life back. After graduation they helped me find a job and find a place to live. They even bought me sheets and towels for my new apartment. I just knew that, one day, if I was ever in a position to help I would.”

Randles continued to stop by every so often and sit in on a class or check to see if new arrivals needed something, but he wanted to do more. In his new management position at HB Fuller he volunteered to serve on the company’s philanthropic committee and, you guessed it, his first suggestion was a gift to CenterPoint.

“Josh’s tenacity has really served him well.” Hunter quipped.

She continued, “That’s what got him in our doors. That’s what got him sober. That’s what got him a new career. That’s what CenterPoint is all about. He truly embodies the hope I have for each of our clients.”


Currently celebrating its fiftieth year, Four Rivers Behavioral Health is a private, not-for-profit agency that provides comprehensive mental health, substance abuse and developmental/intellectual disability services to clients in Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, McCracken, and Marshall Counties.

CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men is a 120-bed, six-month, residential drug and alcohol treatment center. CenterPoint is managed by Four Rivers Behavioral Health.

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