The Center for Specialized Addiction Services

Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Center for Specialized Addiction Services offer outpatient treatment for substance use disorders in both group and individual settings. In addition, Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers co-ed, 28-day residential treatment as well as a long-term residential treatment program for men.

You’ve already done the hard part – asking for help. Let’s work together to get you on your best path to recovery.

How does it help you?

reSET Pregnancy and Parenting

ReSET is a 12-week program that uses online tools in conjunction with regular visits to a clinician. reSET is specifically designed to help pregnant women and new mothers recover from a substance use disorder and stay in treatment.

Clients can contact the reSET program directly or be referred to the program by an addiction counselor or by a mental health clinician who is working with someone with a co-occurring issue like  anxiety or depression.

reSET works on your smart phone and acts as a constant “companion” to provide support during recovery. It will help you track cravings and triggers, measure your progress, allow your treatment team to monitor your progress and gives you several chances during the protocol to earn digital gift cards.

How it works…

The reSET Program is housed in your smartphone or tablet. To begin, we will enroll you in the program and you will receive a text message with an access code and a link to the Reset App on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. 

Once you download the app, you can begin taking lessons. You should plan on four short lessons a week for each of the 12 weeks.

Your digital recovery companion

Help when you need it

You can log in to the reSET App anytime and complete interactive lessons in evidence-based treatment options. These lessons teach skills you can use everyday to support your recovery and then quizzes you on those skills to help you remember what you have learned.

Documenting your challenges

You can track your progress and share it at your next appointment. Record triggers and cravings so you can review them later to identify times and situations that may make it hard for you to stay on your recovery path.

Reward yourself

You can earn rewards by completing lessons in the app and having negative urine drug screens. Each step you take is a small milestone to mark your progress and keep you motivated.

What the Program can do for You…

  • By having the tools of recovery at your fingertips, you have constant support and, in essence, an accountability partner.
  • The tools in the reSET App can teach you strategies for coping during your recovery.
  • The lessons in the app compliment your twice monthly in-person visits and gives your clinician a window into your progress.
  • Using the app to identify triggers and cravings can help you review those challenges with your clinician and discuss how you handled that situation, how you could have done better and what to expect next time.
  • This confidence will help keep you in treatment and greatly increase your chances of success.