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What is Lily’s House?

Lily’s House is located at 2447 Laclede Ave in Paducah and is designed for women who have recently completed a substance use disorder treatment program and have a desire to remain drug-free during their pregnancy and beyond. The residential program is overseen by a peer support specialist who lives on-site. Being in an environment with other women who are all working towards the same goal of being substance free creates an immediate support system that is often lacking for people
in recovery.

In addition to providing recovery support and housing, Lily’s House peer support specialists will help residents to not only remain sober but also to work towards moving into their own home with their newborn.

Peer Support Specialists

Peer supporters are people who use their lived experience of recovery from mental health concerns or substance use disorders to support others working through their journey.

Combined with skills learned in formal training, their experience and knowledge put them in a unique position to offer support, share their knowledge, and relate in a way that have made this evidence-based practice a rapidly growing part of treatment.

In life, relationships are crucial to well-being. We call friends in hard times, visit family members when they aren’t feeling well, and often seek support groups for people who have experienced challenges similar to our own, like chronic disease or loss of a loved one.

In the same way that we reach out to someone who will understand, Peer Support Specialists can provide understanding during a time when many feel alienated and hopeless.

Other Addiction Treatment Services

Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers a variety of programs designed for adult behavioral health treatment, substance abuse programs and more.

We offer outpatient substance abuse treatment. Outpatient treatment also is available at our Paducah location and Lakes Center office in Murray. Four Rivers Behavioral Health maintains Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs in both Mayfield and Paducah as well as operates Centerpoint Recovery Center for Men. Centerpoint is a 100-bed, six month residential treatment facility in Paducah. We also have a short-term residential treatment center for men and women at the William H. Fuller Center in Mayfield.

Substance abuse services also are offered for adolescents as part of our Center for Specialized Children’s Service. This can be through outpatient treatment, group therapy or programs for substance abuse co-occurring with other mental health disorders.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health programs are billable to most insurance companies. We will work with your insurance provider to determine what services are covered. If you have a substance abuse problem, the most important step you can take is to get help. This brochure outlines just one of the many programs available.

For more information about treatment for Substance Use Disorders click below.

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About Us

Four Rivers Behavioral Health is a private, not-for-profit agency providing comprehensive, integrated mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services to promote the health and quality of life.