Veteran’s Services

Especially for Veterans

Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers programs and treatments to address the needs of veterans and our experienced staff truly cares for veterans and their families. 

Veteran’s unique experiences can inform mental health issues from PTSD to anxiety, depression and substance use disorders.

We have up-to-date information on available resources specific to veterans such as referrals to area medical providers and Veteran’s Affairs offices.

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services are available through our Center for Adult Services and includes individual and group therapy along with traditional outpatient therapy for mental health concerns including PTSD, anxiety disorders, clinical depression and more. The Center for Adult Services also works closely with Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Medical Department to provide psychiatric care which may including prescription medication to help manage symptoms. Our staff of skilled clinicians are trained and certified in a variety of evidence based treatments for trauma such as EMDR, CBT and more.

Behavioral Health Counseling Services

Substance Use Disorders

Substance Use Disorders are not a unique problem for veterans. However, veterans struggling with substance use have special needs when it comes to treatment. 

Four Rivers Behavioral Health offers  peer-driven support services for veterans in both residential and outpatient settings.

Center For Specialized Addiction Services

The Center for Specialized Addiction Service is outpatient based and includes individual and group therapy, an intensive outpatient treatment program, drug court and more.

Specialized Addiction Services

William H. Fuller Memorial Center

Fuller Memorial Center is a 28-day residential treatment program for men and women. The program’s treatment model is 12-step based and utilizes proven methods of treatment such as Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Treatment also includes the recognition of “Stages of Change” in the recovery process. The Fuller Center works closely with therapists and clinicians to address co-occurring mental health disorders.

William H. Fuller Memorial Center

CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men

CenterPoint is Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s 120-bed, long-term substance use disorder treatment center. The program is built around a 12-step model and the nationally recognized Recovery Dynamics curriculum.

CenterPoint Recovery Center

Turning Point Recovery Community Center

Turning Point is a Recovery Community Center focused on providing assistance to those who are new to recovery from a substance use disorder. The program is unique in that it is designed around the concept of Peer Support.
Staff at Turning Point have personal experience with substance abuse and can offer guidance and support from a “been there, done that” perspective.

The Turning Point peer support staff includes a dedicated contact for veterans who are new to recovery.

Turning Point provides recovery coaching that includes recovery groups, skill groups and individual support along with follow up check-ins by a veterans-dedicated peer support specialist.

Peer Support Specialists lead groups on relapse prevention and help establish an individualized plan of action developed with the client. Turning Point staff provide guidance throughout the refocus process.

Turning Point’s multi-station computer lab has staff available to assist clients with job applications, resumes, obtaining a GED, online skills development and more.

We maintain up-to-date information on resources available to assist with a variety of recovery-focused needs including referrals to area medical and behavioral healthcare providers.

Turning Point Recovery Community Center