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OmniPath, Incorporated is a private not-for-profit corporation created to provide staffing options for human service organizations.

OmniPath provides an alternative to traditional direct-hiring approaches for human service organizations and provides the professional/ support candidates with opportunities to gain experience in roles that they may have not otherwise been able to obtain due to organizational budget constraints, hiring moratoria, etc.

Many times the complexities of finding, vetting, and employing competent professional and support personnel is an overtaxing burden on already overstretched resources within human service organizations; therefore, OmniPath seeks to provide its services in a way that can significantly reduce the burden on internal human resources departments.

Different corporations have different levels of staffing needs, so OmniPath has a negotiable menu of services that can be tailored to the needs of its clients; bridging with options from very minimal involvement to full personnel control.

OmniPath, Incorporated is an equal opportunity employer and will only contract with corporations that abide by such.

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Four Rivers Behavioral Health is a private, not-for-profit agency providing comprehensive, integrated mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability services to promote the health and quality of life.