Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

Program Components

Group Therapy
Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Educational Group
Multi-Family Group
Peer Supports
Case Management
Medication Management
Drug Testing

Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program is a treatment option for adolescents 13 to 18 years old.

Treatment focuses on teens who have a substance abuse problem or a mental health concern in conjunction with substance abuse.

Treatment is a collaborative process that includes the teen, their family, and referral sources working together with the clinical staff. The program is flexible and allows for individualized treatment options to ensure the best possible outcome for the teen.

What To Expect

Each teen, along with their family, is given an initial assessment. This will help determine if Intensive Outpatient Therapy is the best course of action.

After the initial assessment, follow up sessions are scheduled and staff will provide a brief tour and orientation to the program.

During the first session treatment goals are established as part of an overall plan. The plan provides a ‘road map’ that will serve as a guide for treatment. The treatment plan is constantly revised as goals are reached and if new issues arise.

During the course of treatment an aftercare plan will be developed. Aftercare can include continued therapy, introduction to available support groups and more.

How IOP Is Different

The Intensive Outpatient Program is just that, intensive. The program is nine or more hours a week and is generally three days per week. While the program provides a high level of treatment components, they are scheduled to avoid (as much as possible) the typical activities of teens.

During treatment, clients remain in their own homes with their parent or guardian and continue to attend their own school. While some intense therapy programs require removal from school, home and sometimes even the community, Intensive Outpatient Programs allow teens to maintain a relatively normal life.

Teens remain in school and at home encouraging involvement with family and friends giving them the opportunity to apply the skills they learn in the program to real world settings.

Throughout the course of treatment those who continue to have severe emotional troubles may be recommended for even more intense therapy through Four Rivers Behavioral Health’s Partial Hospitalization Program.

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