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CenterPoint Fathers to Receive Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children Art Kits from Four Rivers Behavioral Health

PADUCAH,KY: The Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children in collaboration with the Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities recently provided art kits to Four Rivers Behavioral Health.  Due to COVID-19, the Partnership for Families and Children was unable to complete some of the face-to-face activities that had been planned and decided to reallocate those funds and direct them to individual Community Mental Health Agencies.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health has received nearly $1,500 worth of art supplies in about 100 individual kits. The kits include crayons, markers, paper, scissors, glue, etc. for families in the community who are receiving services from FRBH.

Several residents at CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men will be given art kits to help create positive experiences with their children. During the course of treatment for substance use disorders, these men are away from their families for the six months necessary to complete the program. After the first few weeks of treatment, program participants are granted day passes on weekends so they can spend time with their families.

Many families struggle to stay connected during the treatment process. Before treatment, most family relationships were already strained due to substance abuse. It is hoped the kits can provide an activity that will decrease stress while increasing positive interaction with children.

Thelma Hunter is the director of CenterPoint Recovery Center and said, “We are thrilled to receive these kits to distribute to some of our residents and their families.

“Participation and support from the entire family during treatment is a huge part of recovery. When these men go home for a weekend, some may find it is easier to have something to do to promote communication between them and their children.”

Hunter continued, and said, “Art projects and related activities can be very effective tools in helping children share their feelings in a way they are comfortable with when they cannot find the words to express their thoughts.”

Don Goodman (right) is a resident at CenterPoint has five children including a 10-year old daughter and a two and one half year old son. Goodman can’t wait to get them their art kits.

Goodman said, “It’s amazing what this place has done for me. I can be a father now. Before I wouldn’t even get to see my kids because I wouldn’t show up or I was on drugs. Now, I can be there. I can watch my oldest go to college this year.”

Jonathan White (left) is program participant at CenterPoint. White’s five children include a 10-year old daughter who just celebrated her birthday this past week.

White said, “CenterPoint has taught me more than how to be sober. They have taught me how to have a conversation with my children. I never knew how to connect to my kids – or anyone in my family really. I was always angry or irritated that they weren’t doing what I thought they should be doing.

“I realize – really, I’ve been taught –  I was the problem. And, I’m so proud to be working on that today.”

Four Rivers Behavioral Health also will be using the kits for some of the agency’s more at-risk young clients at the agency’s youth drop in center The Zone. Plus, FRBH’s Center for Specialized Children’s Services will distribute kits to adults who are experiencing parenting challenges as a way of providing healthy and engaging activities that help them connect with their children in a positive way.

In times of crisis, children are at a greater risk of depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns. Four Rivers Behavioral Health has a staff specifically dedicated to children and their very special needs with children’sservices available at the agency’s Fuller Center Campus in Mayfield, the Lakes Center offices in Murray and at the main office in downtown Paducah.


Four Rivers Behavioral Health is a private, not-for-profit community mental health agency that for more than 50 years has provided comprehensive mental health, substance abuse and developmental/intellectual disability services to clients in Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, McCracken, and Marshall Counties.

CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men is a 120-bed, six-month, residential drug treatment center. CenterPoint is managed by Four Rivers Behavioral Health.

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