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What we are doing at CenterPoint to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy


Family and Friends:

With the COVID-19 situation continuing, I would like to share with you our efforts at CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men to combat the virus and let you know how you can support your loved one.

Our recovery curriculum is continuing and your family member is participating in these classes in a very respectful and cooperative manner.  We appreciate these gentlemen’s attitudes towards their recovery which is difficult task that has been made even more challenging.

The safety and well-being of residents, staff and you, their loved ones, is of utmost importance and our primary concern.  We continue to monitor updates and suggestions from our local, state and federal government officials and have been adjusting our services accordingly. 

We are taking extra precautionary measures, including the temporary restriction of guests to CenterPoint, enforcing property restrictions and eliminating parcel drop-offs. We are repeatedly disinfecting common areas as well as high-touch surfaces, encouraging frequent hand washing and other precautionary measures as suggested by the CDC.  Further, we are practicing Social Distancing and have dramatically reduced group sizes and staggered meal times.

To support you and your loved one and to help you to continue improving  your relationships during their recovery process, we are making efforts to add additional phone access and increase communication as a whole.  We will continue to encourage them to communicate with you to hopefully alleviate any fears or concerns you may have.

We are using video conferencing to keep residents connected with other treatment professionals who may not be able to be in the building. And, because of this addition, we are working to offer scheduled video calls to family members, especially for fathers so they can continue to rebuild relationships with their children.

You can also support your loved one by sending letters or cards of inspiration and encouragement by mail, send money and or items to your loved ones by mail or place an online order to be shipped directly to CenterPoint addressed to your loved one.  I hope this will give you some peace of mind and help you stay connected during this difficult time.

Please be assured that the men and the integrity of this program remain our top priority during this difficult time. 

Thelma Hunter, LCSW,  LCADC

Site Administrator

CenterPoint Recovery Center for Men

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