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Do you know how to respond to youth with mental health concerns?

Do you know what to say to a young person in trouble?

Across the country, one in five young people lives with a mental health or substance use problem, yet few reach out for support. That’s why it’s so important we all know how to recognize and respond when a young person may be in need.

The video below, “Said No Teen Ever,” can help you recognize signs that  a young person might be suffering, but it’s up to us to know what to say and how to help. Youth Mental Health First Aid teaches adults how to reach out to a young person in need to get them the care they need.

Four Rivers Behavioral Health has staff who are specially trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid. Not only are they trained, they can teach others the same Mental Health First Aid. We encourage you to get trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid and help advocate for young people’s mental health and connecting them to the support they may need.

If your organization is interested in this program, let us know. Our Regional Prevention Center will work with you to set up a training program that works best for your group. For more information, complete the contact form at the bottom of our Regional Prevention Center web page by clicking here.

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