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Shatter the Myths

Every January the National Institute for Drug Abuse has a week that they hope will raise awareness and educate people about what are myths and what are facts about drug use.  I often think back to my days in high school and how I wanted to fit-in. I often thought that everybody was drinking alcohol. So, I thought it was vital that I drink also. But there were some things I didn’t know about alcohol. It could cause me to be depressed, I might do things I shouldn’t, my brain was still developing and it could affect that development and it was addictive. So let me give you a fact. The Prevention Branch of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities sponsors a bi-annual survey that asks youth about their drinking, in addition to other questions. It tells us that 77% of 10th graders in the Purchase Region are not current drinkers of alcohol. That is not even close to “everyone”.  In fact, that means less than 1 in every 4 kids is drinking.  And 86% do not use marijuana, 92% do not use prescription drugs and 87% do not smoke cigarettes. So remember, not everyone is doing it. In fact, the majority of youth do not use substances. Always remember, you have a choice. Isn’t your brain and future worth it?

Ellen Walsh Program Director Prevention