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The Zone – Coming Soon to Paducah

TAYLRD (Transition Age Youth Launching Realized Dreams) is a new way to REACH OUT to youth and young adults ages 16-25 who are struggling with mental health and/or substance use issues. Peer Specialists who are young people with lived behavioral health experience and are specially trained to support young people with behavioral health issues are the key to engaging these young people in much-needed services and supports.

The hope is that by providing these services and supports in an environment that is engaging to youth and young adults, this will CAPTIVATE their attention, and they will feel a sense of belonging and have a strong voice in their own recovery. The focus is on empowering young people by providing
SUPPORT that interests them, such as peer support services, employment, and education supports and career planning, life skills supports, medication supports, support in healthcare navigation, and age-specific and developmentally appropriate behavioral health services. For more information about TAYLRD, go to

The Zone will be opening a Paducah location in November.