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Do you need a creative outlet?

Tom Petty, the musician, died last week. He was my friend and therapist since I was a young adult; his music “spoke what you feel inside.” He was introduced to me by a family friend and I, in turn, shared his music with some of my friends and family. Tom Petty’s music spanned generations and led to a feeling of connectedness among all that loved him. His music influenced many other artists. Despite barriers of childhood abuse and struggles with substance abuse, Tom Petty was able to achieve his dream of music for over 40 years. 

Do you have someone creating barriers or helping you overcome them? Do you have a feeling of connectedness and the skills you want to achieve your dreams, both big and small?  Do you need a creative outlet and a place to explore your interest? 

The Zone is expected to open in early November. The Zone is a safe, drug-free, place where 16-25-year-old young adults can come to explore resources and gain skills needed to achieve their dreams. There will be computers, activities such as video games, karaoke and exercise equipment. There even may be snacks or cooking classes. The Zone hopes to eliminate barriers and provide information and a feeling of connectedness for any transitioned youth who needs. 

Blog by Wendy Lay, Director of Children’s Services – Photograph Paul R. Giunta/Getty

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