Special Services

Medical Services
The Medical Services Center employs staff psychiatrists and an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner who provide medication management to both adults and children in collaboration with their therapy. These services include psychiatric evaluation, education, diagnostics and the administration of prescription medication. Qualifying diagnoses include the severely mentally ill with bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, ADHD, and depression. Services are also provided to individuals diagnosed with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities currently enrolled in the I/DD program.

Medical Services Center nursing services include medication refills and the management of medication samples. Other services provided are patient education and assistance with low cost assessment and enrollment in patient assistance programs through drug manufacturers. We offer a weekly injection clinic for consumers who have been prescribed antipsychotic injections.

Medical Services Center provides patient education information in the form of pamphlets, videotapes, and booklets. They can be found in the lobby.

Consultation and Education
Four Rivers Behavioral Health Consultation and Education Services are provided to assist in issues involving client care or program management. Consultation services are available to schools, churches, service organizations, the courts, jails, health care providers, business, industry, and the general public. Educational services are provided to improve community understanding and sensitivity toward individuals with mental health, developmental disability or substance abuse issues. This is accomplished by providing education services to consumers, families, and the general public, and by informing the public of existing programs and resources.