Regional Prevention and Education Center

The Regional Prevention and Education Center provides prevention services, education services and DUI services as well as housing a resource library for staff and community use.

Prevention Services
Community Development. Prevention Specialist assist community residents, leaders and groups in coming together to discuss their community's strengths and needs and to develop a comprehensive prevention plan.

Consultation and Technical Assistance. The RPC provides information and advice on effective prevention programs and strategies and how to tailor them to individual situations. Technical assistance is currently provided to ASAPs (Agencies for Substance Abuse Policy) in Ballard/Carlisle, Calloway, Graves, Livingston and Marshall counties’ as well as to area Champions coalitions as they plan and implement youth led activities.

Early Intervention Services. The RPC provide multifaceted prevention and intervention programs targeting specific needs related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug behavior and choices for youth and their parents.

Public Information. Prevention Specialists work with local media to publicize prevention efforts and get accurate and helpful information to the public.

Resource Library. The RPC Resource Library houses books, videos, DVDs, brochures, and other informational items to be used by staff, consumers, professionals, and the public. Educational programs, activities and prevention games are available for use by schools, groups and other agencies.

Training and Education. Prevention Specialist can train individuals and groups, such as parents, school systems, churches, civic organizations, youth groups, and others as requested who will subsequently affect or train others. They can also provide education to the general public on a variety of subjects for example; parenting skills, anti-bullying interventions, conflict resolution, internet safety and safe dating. Prenatal consumers are provided education on fetal alcohol syndrome, parenting, child development, and parent support.

DUI Services
Four Rivers Behavioral Health is a licensed, state-certified provider of DUI services. We offer DUI assessments, education and treatment.  For additional information please visit the link below.

DUI Programs

















Zero Tolerance/Under 21 DUI
The Zero Tolerance Program is for young persons under 21 who are charged with a zero-tolerance offense, driving with a blood alcohol content of .02 – .08 and are referred by the court. The young person must follow through with the recommendations as written in their court agreements as well as the EIP. This program helps these young persons and their families receive valuable alcohol, tobacco and other drug education. Parents are not require to be involved in program if the youth is over the age of 18.


Resource Library
The Resource Library houses books, videos, DVDs, and other informational items to be used by staff, consumers, professionals and the public.  The Resource Library also has educational programs, activity guides, and prevention games available for schools, groups and agencies in the community.  Our resource materials cover a variety of topics including alcohol and substance abuse, mental illness, pregnancy, children’s mental health and other topics related to healthy lifestyle choices.  Resource materials are available for checkout upon request.