Clinical Services


Consumers are seen on a scheduled or emergency basis. Services are provided to an individual with a mental illness or emotional problem or to a person whose daily life is disrupted by personal or interpersonal problems. Individual, family, and group therapy are provided to meet the specific needs of each consumer. Medication management is provided by Four Rivers Behavioral Health psychiatrists.


The Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) Program is a treatment program offering a combination of peer-supported and clinically enhanced services.  The program is open five days a week with hours varying to meet the needs of consumers as an adjunct to outpatient treatment. This program provides a stable environment for the behavioral health needs of consumers with severe and persistent mental illness.  Both clinical and non-clinical activities occur in the program, which includes two one hour groups led by a clinical practitioner and integration activities led by clinical associates, peer support specialists and the IMR program participants.


Court Services

Four Rivers Behavioral Health provides guardianship evaluations with courts in the region via contractual agreements with the local county governments. The courts can also make contractual agreements with Four Rivers Behavioral Health to receive evaluations for competency to stand trial in cases involving misdemeanor charges. Four Rivers Behavioral Health works with the state-wide Jail Triage program to assist regional jails with risk management and assessment of mentally ill individuals who are arrested and lodged in a jail in the region.</font-size: 18px>

Hospital Services

Four Rivers Behavioral Health staff work with the local hospitals in contractual agreements to provide on site consultation for psychiatric or behavioral issues to assist the patient and the hospital with level of care decisions and referral for services. Persons who require more intensive care or longer treatment may be hospitalized at Lourdes Behavioral Health or Western State Hospital in Hopkinsville.

iHOPE Program

Keeping young people with early signs of psychosis on their best life path, the iHope Program for early onset psychosis treatment is just one of many services for adults, young adults and children offered by Four Rivers Behavioral Health.  Early intervention is key to helping adolescents and young adults deal with psychosis. Early treatment is very effective and leads to a healthier life. School failures become school successes and the risk of suicide, accidental death or harm are greatly diminished

For more information about the iHope Program or any of our other children’s services, contact Four Rivers Behavioral Health at 270.442.7121