Career Opportunities

Anyone interested in applying for an available position should fill out the following application and attach a resume.  Currently positions are being filled through our contracting agency OmniPath.  Follow the link below to find that application.

OmniPath Application

Send to:

Julie Castleberry, Vice President for Human Resources
Four Rivers Behavioral Health
425 Broadway, Paducah, KY 42001

270-442-7121 ext 225

The following positions are currently available:

Assessment Specialist – Fuller Center (Mayfield, KY)

CenterPoint SOS Caseworker PT – CenterPoint (Paducah, KY)

Clinical Associate PT – Creative Enterprises (Paducah, KY)

Clinical Associate – CCSP (Mayfield, KY)

Clinical Associate PT – Fuller Center (Mayfield, KY)

Clinical Associate PT – Housing – Hamilton (Mayfield, KY)

Clinical Associate FT – Housing – Hamilton (Mayfield, KY)

Clinical Associate – Housing – Christopher (Fancy Farm, KY)

Clinical Associate FT – Housing – Riverwood (Paducah, KY)

Clinical Associate PT – Housing – Riverwood (Paducah, KY)

Clinical Associate PT – Housing – Willow (Mayfield, KY)

Clinical Associate – Housing- Azalea (Paducah, KY)

Clinical Associate – Housing – Laclede (Paducah, KY)

Clinical Practitioner – All Sites

Clinical Assessment and Review Specialist – CCSP (Mayfield)

Community Support Professional – Adolescent IOP (Paducah, KY)

Community Support Professional – CAS Drug Court (Paducah, KY)

Community Support Professional – CIS D/ID (Paducah, KY)

Community Support Professional – IMPACT (Paducah, KY)

Community Support Professional – RPEC (Paducah, KY)

Community Support Professional – SMI Housing Supports (Paducah, KY)

Maintenance Worker – Corporate (Paducah, KY)

Medical Practitioner – Medical Services (Paducah, KY)

Peer Support Specialist IMR South (Mayfield, KY)

Prevention Specialist – RPEC (Paducah, KY)