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Bill Cownie McCracken County
Olivia Burr McCracken County
Linda Avery Calloway County
Phyllis Teeters Carlisle County
John Thompson Fulton County
Charles Simpson McCracken County
Shirley Lanier McCracken County
Dan Walker Hickman County
Nancy Conley Calloway County
Cindy Clemson Calloway County
Jennifer Lewis McCracken County
Sheina Murphy McCracken County
Peggy Meriedith Ballard County
Jerry Bebout Livingston County
Patricia Thomas Graves County












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Board History
As early as 1962-63, surveys were made throughout the region by the local mental health associations, in an effort to assess the need for mental health services.

Out of that survey and supporting data from other agencies, it was determined that outside resources would have to be secured in order to provide the limited services based on available resources at hand, and took a step forward in 1965 by beginning the formation of the Regional concept and consolidating the efforts of all counties in the Purchase Region. By January 1966, the local mental health association, in consultation with the Kentucky Department of Mental Health, had formed a regional board whose responsibilities in the following months would be to develop operational procedures, policies, establish project objectives and goals, expand mental health services staffing, community education, and to secure the funds required to support the above.

The first Regional Board meeting was held January 27, 1966, and thus the process of planning, developing, and implementing a regional Mental Health Program was fully underway.

In August, 1966, the first staff was employed and the Board instructed him in the October 6, 1966, meeting to submit upon their approval a staffing grant for the region. In January 1967, verbal approval was received from the Department of Mental Health and a final draft of the grant was presented to federal authorities on January 20, 1967. It received final review on the 14th of February, 1967, Chairman Ben Humphreys received a telegram from Congressman Frank A. Stubblefield informing him that the staffing grant had received official federal approval to become effective July 1, 1967. The grant was approved for a five year period with the amount decreasing each year. This was the first time federal, state, and local funds were combined to deliver Mental Health Services in the region.

As a part of the history, an outline of those who served as chairperson of the Western Kentucky Regional Mental Health-Mental Retardation Board is as follows:


Board Member Term Start Term End
Dr. Ben Humphreys 1966, January 1968, January
H. W. Ford, MD 1968, September 1969, September
David West 1969, September 1970, September
W. J. Bryan, Jr. 1970, September 1971, September
James L. Shumaker, M.D. 1971, September 1974, September
C. C. Lowry 1974, September 1976, September
Rev. Fred French 1976, September 1977, September
Dan Akin 1977, September 1978, September
Ben Humphreys 1978, September 1979, September
Glenda Cooper 1979, September 1982, September
Jean Hurt 1982, September 1983, September
Jeffrey L. Rice, M.D. 1983, September 1984, September
Nancy Curtis 1984, July 1986, July
Robert Coleman 1986, September 1990, September
Rick Johnson 1990, September 1994, September
Doug Parish 1994, September 1998, September
Jeff Edwards 1998, September 1999, September
Rudele Orazine 1999, September 2002, September
Bill Allbritten, Ph.D 2002, September 2003, September
Scott Johnston 2003, September 2007, September
Rudele Orazine 2007, September 2011, December
Jerry Bebout 2012, January